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Branding is not just about a logo, color pallet, packing, or design but it is more about your reputation and the value that you hold in your customer’s heart.

Then what is branding?


Let us keep it straight, branding is like an ocean, it is vast and covers almost every minute aspect right from logo, tagline, the content that you create, and even to how you respond to your customer’s email. Whatnot, it is an ensemble of everything related to your business. So whatever I’m covering in this blog are some of the essential aspects.


When viewed at the surface level, branding might lead you to a misconception that it is the visual perception of your company but when dived deep and studied you will know that it is more of the customer’s emotional perception of your company.


Putting in simple terms branding is a marketing strategy that you would employ to make your business stand out in the crowd. It is a vital part of your business and is the representation of it. Never forget that the end product of branding is your brand. 

A strong brand is an incorporation of its core values and the alignment of these values and the services that you provide. 


Branding has to be tailored to different target customers. If you’re targeting a global audience, a single strategy may not be effective. Based on their interests and needs, each sector of people looks at your business from a different perspective. To have a long-lasting impression over all the segments in business, you need to adapt yourselves i.e. your branding accordingly as well as dynamically.  


Branding is the means through which you can represent yourselves to your customers and stamp a lasting impression in their hearts. It is your recognition, that is how people will remember you. You will build your company’s personality and identity through it. The trust you build in your consumers is the direct reflection of your branding. On the flip side, in the absence of an effective branding strategy, you risk losing the trust and faith of your customers, ultimately leading to negative consequences for your business.


So, it is important to understand that building an aesthetic logo and design doesn’t mean that you’re completely improving your brand. You need to improve important aspects of the business such as the quality of service, and your unique value proposition i.e., how you’re different from your competitors to evolve as a brand. 

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